Stepping Towards Pashupatinath Temple

Stepping Towards Pashupatinath

Placed on the sacred Bagmati River’s banks, Pashupatinath temple is renowned as one of the ancient temples of Lord Shiva worldwide. The temple positioned in Nepal’s Kathmandu has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Along with being the most sacred and cultural place, it is also renowned for its architectural richness. The temple came into existence in 400 AD and millions of devotees throngs the place every year. The priests from South India are providing services to the temple and no one else other than the four priests could touch the idol.


The temple’s architecture will introduce the pagoda tradition. The deity’s idol is black-colored and here you would be able to see the wooden rafters that are artistically carved and almost all the structures are formed in cubes. The sacred Nandi sculpture is also prepared from gold. The temple possesses the sanctified linga. The western door has a statue of a large bull or Nandi, again covered in gold.


It is believed that the lord Shiva was bored of his place located above the Mount and he arrived at Kathmandu Valley for a change without informing other Gods. He took the form of deer and the gods tried to grasp him through his horns during the action his horns were broken and the horn is worshipped as linga.


Devotees of the lord Shiva throng the temple during the festivals like Sankranti, Ekadashi, Teej Akshaya, and Poornima however, during Shivratri, the place witnesses the presence of maximum devotees. The temple premises are lightened with pure ghee lamps and the temple is accessible for that entire night.

Bagmati River

Pashupatinath Temple

The Sacred River can be seen near the temple and its water goes to the Ganges. During Shivratri, dipping into the river is believed to be very lucky.

Cremation ground

It is also positioned in the temple’s proximity and the cremated persons’ ashes are put into the Bagmati River.

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Pashupatinath Temple


Reaching there

Regular bus services are available from Kathmandu to Patan and the buses could be hired from the city bus stand. The Goshala, bus stop for the spot, could be attained within 50 minutes.
You could also choose a bike ride to reach the temple from Kathmandu

Nearby Attractions

Once in the Pashupatinath temple vicinity, you could explore the following nearby attractions:

  • Bachhareshwari temple
  • Viswarup Temple
  • Nawa Durga temples
  • The Pancha Dewal
  • Rama Janaki Temple
  • Raj Rajeshwari
  • Ram Temple

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