The Impressive Beng Mealea

The Impressive Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea is a Hindu temple which is located in the city of Angkor Thom in Cambodia. Beng Mealea is positioned at a distance of around 60 km from Siem Reap. The place gives you an impression of Indiana Jones as well as the Lara Croft. Here you can enjoy climbing the collapsing stones and later discover the inexplicable temple which is been domesticated by the jungle. Extended a clandestine cooperative for temple fawn and only lately vacated land mines, Beng Mealea is progressively creating a center of attention for more guests.


Not a single individual has found out the normal Sanskrit dedication in the holy place. King Suryavarman who constructed Angkor Wat has always believed that the temple was been constructed during the early 12th century.

What to See

The temple of Beng Mealea has nearly 3 gallery walls and a single coat. The area that is located in the interior of the temple is a huge mound of rubble. The place is quite good if you like climbing as if you climb up the area you will explore more of it. Recently a movie was been shot here thus making it easy for the visitors to locomote as a path was been created during the shooting schedule.

The rocks that were placed on the eastern entrance of the temple have become loose many of them have fallen thus forcing the eastern entrance to be shut down. You can enter the temple through the right side of the temple’s main entrance. Once you enter the structure you will come across the initial ramp followed by the figure of the god of fire. You can also see the figure of a 3-headed elephant that has got his birth out of the legendary agitation of the Ocean of Milk. Inside the area of the 1st gallery, you will come across the library. From here you can enter the temple’s central area.

Beng Mealea History
Beng Mealea History


The display place’s pathway that earlier starts from the middle of the porch and later goes in front through an enclosed, murky gallery. Sandwiched between divisions, you’ll have to do some climbing and rock leaping. During this leaping and climbing be cautious of the various mosses which are quite slippery. This pathway later moves out to the temple’s western side, from here you can change your way back to the main road through a different set of rocks or march in the region of the exterior.


Beng Mealea


Getting there

The easiest way to reach Beng Mealea is to take a flight and land at Siem Reap International Airport. The airport has a good network of international as well as national flights. The further journey can be easily made with the help of intercity buses as well as rented cars and also with hired cabs. The city is also accessed with the help of its waterways.

Siem Reap International Airport
Siem Reap International Airport

When to visit

You can visit the city from November to January as the atmosphere during this period is quite good for touring around.

Opening timing

The temple is open from early sunrise till sunset.

Entrance costs

Every individual has to pay US$5 as the admission fee.

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