Banteay Srei – The Citadel Of Woman

Banteay Srei – The Citadel Of Woman

In this article, you will read about Banteay Seri a lovely place to visit in Cambodia you will read about its location, structure, History, its libraries, and more about it. Banteay Srei is a Hindu temple that was constructed in the early 10th century. It is a worth visiting place.


The temple is located at a distance of around 37 km from the very famous Angkor Wat in the city of Angkor Thom.


Banteay Srei structure

The temple is surrounded by low walls. The walls of temples are made out of deep red-colored sandstone. The meaning of Banteay Srei is “Citadel of Women” or the “citadel of beauty”. The designs that are carved on the temple are very delicate. It is believed that such a thin design is possible only to the woman’s hand. The walls of the main building are well-conserved. The paintings on the walls of the temple showcase the scenes of the old Hindu legends.


The construction of Banteay Srei was completed by 967 AD. It was an important temple during that period; moreover, it was not dedicated to the kings. The temple was constructed by Yajnyanahara who was one of the counselors of King Rajendravarman. The temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and also Lord Vishnu. The central towers as well as the buildings at the Southern end are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The buildings in the northern area were dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is located near a hill named Phnom Dei which is positioned around 15 miles from the major collection of the temples. The capital of the region during that time was Yashodharaoura was located quite away from Banteay Srei.

During the early 11th century the temple was reconstructed as well as expanded. Later the King established his control of the temple. Also, the actual devotion to the temple was changed. In the 12th century the temple was given to a priest named Divarakapandita, it was he who devoted the temple again to Lord Shiva. Till the end of the 14th century, the temple was in use.



Banteay Srei history


Originally the temple was named as Tribhuvanamahesvara, which means “the great lord of the 3fold world”. The temple was named after the image of Lord Shiva that was placed in the center of the temple. The temple was surrounded by the town of Isvarapura.

The temple was again founded in the year 1914. It was being looted by Andre Malraux. He stole the 4 devatas that were placed in the temple in the year 1923. He was later arrested as well as the devatas were returned.

This incident aroused considerable interest in the minds of the people regarding the site. Banteay Srei was restored for the very first time in the year 1930. It was the time that Anastylosis was used in Angkor. The foundation of the temple was found in 1936. It was found that the beautiful decoration which was made on the temple walls were made quite later after the temple’s construction.

A Camnodain-Swiss Banteay Srei Conservation project was installed in 2000 as well as 2003. Under the project, a proper drainage system was installed to prevent the damage that could be faced due to water. Also, numerous majors were undertaken to avoid the damage that was been caused due to the trees that are located quite close to the site.


Banteay Srei


What to See



Banteay Srei Libraries
Banteay Srei Libraries

The libraries are constructed with the help of brick, sandstone, and laterite. The library is in the south of Lord Shiva and on the west pediment there is Kama the god of love who arrows at Lord Shiva. Also on the east pediment, there is Ravana who shakes the Mount Kailash on which Lord Shiva is seated.

On the eastern pediment of the northern Library, you will find Lord Indra creating rains to stop the jungle fire that was initiated by Agni to kill the Naga people living in the jungle. You will find

On the north library’s east pediment, Indra creates rain to put out a forest fire started by Agni to kill a naga living in the woods lord Krishna kills Kamsa who was his uncle, on the western pediment



The entrance to the Sanctuary is located at the east of the doorway. The height of the doorway is only 1.08 m. The mandapa which is the entrance room is located in the interior of the doorway. The mandapa has a roof made up of bricks. Later you will come across a corridor that will make your way to the 3 towers that are located to the west. The tower in the center is the tallest tower among the three towers. The height of the tower is around 9.8m. You can reach the platform by climbing up the staircases. The human-figured statutes with animal heads guard the platform. The replica of the statutes is placed at the site as the original is either stolen or moved to the museums.

How to reach

You can come down to Phnom Penh International Airport; it is situated very near the Banteay Srei. It has a good network of numerous national and international flights. Further, you can travel in motor taxis, tuk-tuks as well as buses.

When to visit

December and January is the most pleasant time of the year so if you are planning to visit the city then make plans accordingly.

Opening Timings

You can visit Banteay Srei throughout the year from dawn to dusk.

Entrance Fees

The entrance fees are US $2o for a single day as well as US $40 for 3 days and also US $60 for 7 days for every individual.

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