Israel’s other side of the coin

Israel’s other side of the coin

Israel has always been in the news for the wrong reasons, which right now I don’t need to mention, as that is all that we know about it. And there is always another side of the coin, which we all have forgotten to see and explore about Israel. And that is what I went out looking for in Israel. Though the security for the traveler is uncertain, the place is the oldest tourist spot for travelers. The gruesome that Israel has and is rather facing has devoid people of the beauty and splendor of this astonishing country.

Israel or Palestine, as one of the oldest travel destinations, from Moses to Mark Twain had wanted to go there. Israel doesn’t get those families and commercial travelers that increase the tourism industry of the country, yet Israel has a magnetism that pulls travelers in droves. Israel is considered holy by countless millions; this has appealed to people for ages past. But over the years with its history of war added to its history classes, what has not been explored is its razzle-dazzle, as this place has more than its holy history.

This place can be explored like any other beach resort, cruise, or voyage. Israel is one string of pearls, all so beautiful, and together this strand of pearls creates a masterpiece.

As you start exploring and seeing the place with a whole new perspective, apart from politics and bitter facts of life, the place will nudge its way into your memorable trips of life. All you need is to try and have the guts to make a trip here, arrive with a clean slate for this place and all you will see is the marvel and excellent side of the coin of Israel.

Israel’s other side

Israel is nothing but a mixture of peoples who have arrived over centuries, and then each one staking a claim, of this being their land. This gave territorial disputes, which in turn led to violence, which has even been in epics and of the bible, and over the centuries not much has changed, with all the religions of Israel, Jewish, Muslims, Christians, Druze, and the Palestinian Muslims all fighting, Israel is a mixture of chemistry which can be separated but it has not been able to merge and amalgamate to become a compound that cannot be broken into these elements.

In the presence of barbed wires, soldiers, and check posts now and then this is all part and parcel of the uncertain security of Israel. Major security threats you can get are in the region, particularly in the Gaza Strip, southwest Israel, and along the border which it shares with Lebanon. But not giving this war zone a miss, the security is pretty rigid which makes travel safe though won’t be easy as you time and again will have to produce your identity proofs at so many checks post.

Israel is worth it! – Israel tourist sites

Israel in a few words has sights of Biblical ruins, ranging to Crusader Fortress, and not the least is its WWII memorials. But from the historic aspect or even religious aspect this place is a holy pilgrimage but beyond this is a natural beauty that you may not be able to see in any other part of the world. The cosmopolitan cities are stunning, something which you must have not even imagined. Resorts and hotels will welcome you, as in any other place like London.

Peals of Israel

Israel’s appeal lies in its ancient and holy past, but when you arrive in this, you are in for a great surprise. Let yourself get dazzled by Jerusalem, a destination to see the past and present holding together, along with the world’s monotheistic faiths. Israel is a place with beaches, deserts, and mountains, and the beholder of the lowest spot on earth the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem: A rare Pearl, shinning for 3,000 years

Writing just the overview (it’s tough as you asking Shakespeare to cut down Romeo and Juliet into a paragraph!) of Jerusalem, can never be justice to it, as people have kept writing about it for 3000 years of history.

The ancient walled city is a beautiful understatement. Just the first glimpse will take away your breath and make your heart go thumping and jumping. The place has some magic; it drains your emotions at first and then replenishes your emotions as you share three monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In this spiritual center, you will be fascinated, as within short walking distance you can see Christians bowed in front of the pew and praying in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Muslims on the level to the ground and face touching the ground before Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jews dancing by the Western Wall, whatever be your credence, you will be lost and re-find yourself in these ancient streets. Get lost in the labyrinth of alleys and the Bazaars and a day is not sufficient for the tour of this city, you need more to explore. Admire the architecture, which has been defiant to warfare, and take a stroll in The City of David which is the original Jubusite city for Indian Jones-like exploration in water-filled tunnels. Garden Tomb- a possible crucifixion site in East Jerusalem and west is the capital building and secular neighborhoods. Major places that you cannot skip here are Via Dolorosa, the Dome of Rock, the Israel Museum, the Western Wall, and the City of David.

Nazareth: Cacophony and bucolic Christmas- card image

Nazareth, Annunciation, and Jesus’s childhood home, the largest Arab city in Israel, a cacophony of market vendors, car horns, and church bells have come a long way from Christmas- -card images with olive groves, farms, and pine forests to homes on every hillside and kilometer long traffic in the one-way road but that in opposite direction. Don’t, despair, Nazareth is a vibrant city, yet lives inside is a small village with a Christian pilgrim history. Nazareth offers cobbled streets of Old City, authentic souq, and delicacies of local dishes. Make Nazareth explore Mount Tabor, lower Galilee, and see the Old City in the nighttime when it is a brightly lit, astonishing sight.

Sea of Galilee: Wine of Water

This is the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus turned the water into wine, had a walk on it and Jesus grew up here and had the first preaching session here and also gathered his disciples, a religious heritage. Today the site is the beholder of beautiful sights of lush scenery of verdant forest, green valleys, and fertile farmland around the Sea of Galilee.

Tel Aviv: the party zone!

The city by the city is the best beach resort in Israel; party here like anywhere in London or Paris, and bathe as if in St Tropez, play volleyball onshore and you can even flaunt your body in a bathing suit. But there is one big shock for you- There is no weekend here! The whole week is like a weekend, all you have to do is have a funky and rocking time here at beaches and Nightclubs and even go shopping at Sheinken St or Jaffa for junk markets and cheap dining. There is no day or night here, no particular time to revel, as the city seems on permanent Holiday.

Akko: Keep the best for Last

Akko is obviously to be on the list, but please keep it on last and then go back home. You will not like any other destination you travel to. This stunning city is a preserved city of stone, a narrow land moving down to the shore. The whole place is some ancient charm of narrow alleys, tall and slender minarets look out for secret passageways and subterranean vaults and impressive ramparts.


The town is what it was, the authenticity of the place has not changed leaving the homes for families and souq for fishers and not hawkers to offer tourists and cheap souvenirs and Akko is to be explored by foot and take in the real sense of its history which is immense and utterly beautiful. Akko- the Acre of the Crusaders, has received ships of St Francis of Assisi and Marco Polo and voyages from Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa, and Venice.

But its most amazing time is at night, it gets so romantic in the moonlight.

Dead Sea: A place to float even if you don’t know swimming

Dead Sea

This is the place which is an elevation of 400m below sea level and shoreline which is the lowest bit of dry real estate in the world. Famous for floating, that is you are bound to float here without any usage of float and also if you don’t know the skill of floating, all coz all amount of salt in the water which makes you buoyant. After a float, go hiking and see the Ein Gedi National Park, exploring the springs and hiking on tracks will be fun.



A desert with a flat top and cliff, it rises high above the Dead Sea, the place has so much historical significance that, touring this place is in the curriculum of Israeli students. ‘They’ll never take us alive’ attitude, the term ‘Masada complex’ is part of modern-day Israeli jargon. The chronicle of the siege that took place here has been espoused as a representation of the modern Jewish state. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) units hold their swearing-in ceremonies here, replete with the oath that ‘Masada shall not fall again’. For travelers visiting Israel, Masada is an absolute must-see. Amidst spectacular scenery, the site radiates a haunting ambiance, especially before dawn which will make the whole thing so unforgettable.

These are some more shining pearls of Israel, but this is just not to it Israel is way ahead of its war as this Jewish state has been reborn from the Holocaust and has survived and now flourishes.

Takht-e Jamshid Aka Persepolis

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